2PM: 2PM Comeback Interview, “It’s disappointing that we didn’t get the newcomer award


(Lee Jung Ah Reporter) They’re approaching from far away. Acrobatics’ sturdy physique, muscles made from dancing are pleasant to the eyes and grab you in your seat. Girls stop breathing and watch them. ‘2PM’, they yell. “Right now, watch us – the ones who go a step further – well!”

Those who showed a bold and powerful dance and song with their debut song ’10 out of 10’, Jaebum, Junsu, Wooyoung, Nickhun, TAecyeon, Chansung, and Junho returned more stylishly. The jokesters who sang ’10 out of 10’ are now ready to catch fans with ‘Again and Again’ with their image which is overflowing in charisma.

As if these boys’ determination has already been communicated, their teaser images and music videos that were uploaded to Youtube caused 2PM to become no. 1 in the most viewed artists, and their single title song ‘Again and Again’ music video became the Entertainment most viewed video no. 1.

As usual, it was pleasant speaking with the fresh and energy-filled 2PM boys.

# Between the time we didn’t see them, they became cooler!

It has been about 4 months since we were unable to see 2PM’s face from their last performance. However, they became new men. Each of the members changed their hairstyles into similar ones as each other. Most noticeably, Chansung’s long hair was cut, and Khun exposed his forehead. His small face looks even smaller.

Wooyoung and Chansung are on a diet. Chansung said that “It’s comfortable because I cut my hair. When it was long, it took 30 minutes to dry it. And Wooyoung hyung is on a diet. I’m on half a bowl of brown rice and chicken breast, banana, and things like yams, in order to build my body”. At this, Wooyoung looked at Chansung and said, “But Chansung eats a lot of that”. Chansung threw in some idle talk, saying that “Usually I exercise a lot so if I don’t eat I won’t have energy.”

After joking that isn’t it true that they became to cool, with a sparkle in his eyes, Jaebum responded that “When we were promoting ’10 out of 10’, we showed a lot of jokester-like images, but this time we’re going to show a much different image. We are trying to show a mature and manly image. We also made our songs with our heart and soul. Additionally, we want to give of a stylish impression that is ready to go a step further with all of our effort into it”.

That being said, it’s not only their hairstyles but their styles that give off a feeling of unity. Their clean-cut image was made so people could focus on their song and dance. In reality, the clothes are made so it will be easier to dance and do acrobatics in them. 2PM said that “the last outfut that we had was tight and there were a lot of accessories, so it was hard to dance, and uncomfortable to do acrobatics in. But now it’s so comfortable that it seems like we’re wearing gym clothes”

# Was it disappointing that you lost the new comer award?

At the last award ceremony, SHINee grabbed all of the new comer awards. Though 2PM debuted later than SHINee, they grabbed a lot of love, so it seems like they would have anticipated an awards. However, Taecyeon said “I think the awards were given out to the right people” and in this way, said that SHINee deserved the new comer’s awards. They said that “Who wouldn’t have some greed. You can only get the new comer’s award once…in that way, it is disappointing that we were unable to get it. However, we, ourselves believed that we weren’t up to par in order to receive the awards. SHINee did many more performances and did well, and that’s why I think they received it”, and sent a honest-to-heart clap for them.

Next to him, Jaebum added that “I think it’s amazing that they could be so good at such a young age”, also commenting that “I am happy with just the fact that we were able to get our name, 2PM, out there”. When Jaebum realized that he commented on SHINee as ‘at such a young age’, he burst into laughter.

Of course, Junsu determined that “I feel the helpfulness of training for such a long time before debuting, and think that this is now the start. If we were able to have our first single ’10 out of 10’ known, then this time boy or girl I want to let 2PM be known”. Junho also expressed his burning desire, commenting that “Now each member’s task seems to be to inform everyone of our existence. If the last time we threw in a ticket, this time the real games has begun”.

As they released their new single, Wooyoung monitored his area a lot. Wooyoung expressed that “My friends in Busan and family said that the single was great and that they have a feeling that it’s going to be a hit. I asked my friends for cold judgments rather than feel-good ones, they really said that the song was great and that they are anticipating our comeback stage.”

# Show us your true image!

Through a cable channel variety program, 2PM showed their surprising true selves. Though it was great that the fans could see their true selves, there was a worry that ‘as idols, it is too honest’. However, in response to this worry, 2PM said for them to not to worry, showing their confidence.

Taecyeon said that “We always want to show our true selves. Just as we play and share stories, this is exactly our true selves. I want to say that I think this honesty is our charm.” Smiling brightly, Chansung said that “We show our hard-working and sweaty images on stage, and on variety programs, try to show our true and various images”.

Thus, at the question if they show their never-ending true images, do they have enough charm to not bore the masses, Jaebum said that “We are continuing to grow and I think our personalities are getting better. As we continue to be honest, our dedication is attached to our different colors”, as if he is communicating to anticipate them, and gave a smile.

# Now we are like family!

Between the members they play around a lot and give dumb responses, we see their playful image as cute. If they spend their time like this, then it seems that their dorm lives are fun too. Upon asking about their dorm lives, Junsu said that “It really feels like family now”. At this, Junho added that “You never think ‘it’s tiring to live with my family’, you just naturally live with them. We have become like that. I just think that now we are living together.” At Junho’s word, they joked, saying that “Then did you just give up, saying that it’s fate?”

Speaking of their dorm lives, Jaebum said that “If there’s a problem, then we come together and solve it together through discussion. We don’t like tension. If we want to be by ourselves then we individually go out and spend our own time or stay in our room”

# Our biggest stress is!

Even 2PM, who is gaining more popularity, has some concerns. As I asked them what their biggest stress is, they said it was pressure.

2PM explained that “Pressure is our biggest stress. Many people are anticipating you after watching your music video, and saying that they are anticipating us, those words fill our heads. Again before our comeback we had a lot of schedules. Even though it’s good that we have a lot of schedules, we’re scared that we won’t be able to do our best on our first performance because we’re so tired.

2PM, who shows their difficult acrobatics on stage, also must worry about their safety. 2PM revealed that “We always have some uncomfortable feelings that somebody will get hurt. But if we don’t show it on stage just because we’re scared we’ll get hurt, we won’t be able to show our best on stage, and will feel sorry for that. So, as we do our best we also have time when we are worried. But nevertheless, our biggest stress is the pressure of showing our growing image. We want to get rid of the though that we are only an acrobatics group and again, promise to show a more mature image.”

Their individual stress release methods are also interesting. Junsu meets with his friends and eats while sharing stories to relieve stress. Junho goes on the internet and shops online to buy clothes which fit the image that he imagines for himself. Looking at this side of Junho, Wooyoung joked that “He’s really like an Internet addict. He always goes onto the Internet himself. But if you look at it from the good side, it’s shaping his own sense”, causing a lot of laughter.

Khun and Chansung play games to relieve stress, but the games they play are very different. Khun likes to play more radical, fighting games while Chansung plays games where you ‘go around by yourself’. Taecyeon is the type where he does not receive a lot of stress. But if he does have stress he plays Go-stop (Korean card game).

Jaebum is very healthy. He exercises and eats icecream. Jaebum innocently smiled, saying that “I eat icecream like the speed of light. I’m impatient and so I eat food really fast”. Wooyoung plays games or eats chicken that has all of the oil/fat taken out of it. And he talks with friends on Nateon Messenger.

# We are!

Junsu, Junho, and Wooyoung are studying composing. Junsu uses hiphop-feeling beats with Disco, where you can also feel a Korean vibe to it, while wanting to put out fresh music, while Junho expressed that he doesn’t want to give his own works a frame or standard. He wants to make game music because he likes to, and he doesn’t let his guard down and says that he will continue to work hard. Wooyoung just started to learn, and wants to create music freely.

To 2PM, their goal is for not only their music to be known, but also each individual person. Nickhun, who has secured a spot on variety programs and received a lot of love, was exempt from the army just a while ago** and will continue to branch out. Khun said that “All the appearances we’ve made were all squished in together, but now I feel that I can comfortably do things now. However, there is a difficulty because of the language barrier, but because I’m with the members and have a lot of appearances, I’ve become better”, showing his confidence that he will continue to show his bright performances.

2PM also talked of another starting point. “We aren’t a circus troupe, but a group that shows great performances with singing. We will work hard as we perform as singers as well as entertainers.”

2PM – passionate, bright, and gives off a feel-good energy – I think that there will be no other group that fits this return of spring.




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    yay! thanks. i like this article :] i like the part about how they relieve stress, haha junho’s an internet addict? xDD
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